Drug Prevention and Protecting Youth is Everyone’s Job

LOS ANGELES, CA — People Use Drugs for Joy and Pain, in Good Times and Bad.

The New York Times’ Style Section had a story on the bars on Wall Street being packed during the crazy ups and downs. One man was quoted as saying that he and his friends came to drink when something great happened or when something terrible happened. Basically, people drink or use drugs to celebrate the good and drown out the bad. People are losing their homes, their jobs and their life-savings. The fear and anxiety being felt by so many will lead to increased use of alcohol and other drugs to calm fears or numb pain.

Unfortunately, that stress is usually masked with some type of substance. This is also true when it comes to youth.

The drug war has been waged over the last 30 years, during good economic times and bad. Currently we have 500,000 people behind bars on drug charges. Despite decades of war, incarceration rates and billions of dollars spent, drugs are as plentiful as ever and easily accessible. We have to accept that drugs have been around for thousands of years and will be here for thousands more. We need to educate people about the possible harm from drug use, offer compassion and treatment to people who have problems, and leave in peace the people who are causing harm to no one. That all starts with education.

(Your Organization’s Name) believes that it is the responsibility of all Americans to participate in drug abuse prevention in their communities. There are things that you can do to help children and your community.

The information presented the evening of (Date Of Event) will help individuals understand the effects of (Insert Drug to Be Discussed)

This workshop will cover:

(Marijuana workshop)

*The difference between lettuce and marijuana.

*Why weed is so toxic to the human body.

*Youth use vs. adult use

*The effect of THC on the brain

*Long lasting effects on the lungs/heart/reproductive system

*History of marijuana


(Alcohol workshop)

*Alcohol effects the brain in less than a minute.

*Why do people do crazy stuff when they are intoxicated.

*Youth use vs. adult use.

*The effect of alcohol on the brain

*Long lasting effects on the liver

*History of alcohol


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