About us

Ray speaking in front of students at assembly

Prevention Plus, LLC with 30+ years working in the substance abuse prevention field, has a passion for helping youth and adults live their best lives possible. By providing current drug & substance information in a uniquely engaging, non-judgmental approach, our qualified speakers promote positive choices. Tens of thousands of students and adults across the United States and internationally have been inspired at Prevention Plus presentations to achieve substance-free possibilities.

Ray Lozano - TEDx talk - LaSierra University 2017

Ray gave his first presentation a million years ago (at least that’s what it feels like) in high school as a presentation in health class. As someone who never used drugs or alcohol, he was motivated by wanting to know why certain individuals in his family made those choices. Fast forward to 1990, He decided to leverage and combine his time as an award-winning stand-up comedian with his extensive alcohol, tobacco and other drug research to create a unique, effective way of communicating with youth that has positively impacted tens of thousands of lives for more than three decades. In addition, Ray further developed his unique approach at a level-a trauma center’s teen drug treatment outreach program, resulting in a 92% success rate of non-repeat offenders. He discussed his approach in a TED-x event in 2017.