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Ray speaking in front of students at assembly

At Prevention Plus, LLC, we’ve dedicated over 30 years to substance abuse prevention, driven by our passion to empower youth and adults to live their best lives. Our commitment shines through in our uniquely engaging, non-judgmental approach to delivering current drug and substance information. We’re here to support you with qualified speakers who promote positive choices.

Join tens of thousands of inspired students and adults nationwide, and internationally, who have experienced the impact of Prevention Plus presentations firsthand. Discover how we can help you achieve substance-free possibilities.

Ray Lozano - TEDx talk - LaSierra University 2017

Ray Lozano began his journey into drug prevention over three decades ago, starting with his first presentation during a high school health class. Motivated by understanding family members’ choices, Ray has never used drugs or alcohol himself. Drawing from his background as an award-winning stand-up comedian and extensive research in alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, Ray developed a unique approach to engaging youth.

Since 1990, Ray has dedicated himself to positively impacting tens of thousands of lives through effective communication and education. His approach was further honed during his tenure at a trauma center’s teen drug treatment outreach program, achieving an impressive 92% success rate in preventing repeat offenses.

Ray’s expertise was showcased in a TEDx talk in 2017, underscoring his commitment to innovative and impactful drug prevention strategies. Today, Ray Lozano continues to be at the forefront, empowering youth with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions for a healthier future.

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