Online programs

  • Easy-to-navigate platform with no downloads necessary for your participants/students
  • Viewable on mobile phone, tablet, desktop/laptop
  • Accommodates up to 5,000 participants/students
  • Public and private chat opportunities
  • Interactive polls to keep audience engaged
  • Tracking analytics to know how long audience (i.e. students) participated
  • Customizable to your group
  • Replay link to watch after the presentation
  • Certificates of Completion upon request

Webinar Topics

  • Addiction
  • General Alcohol (3 P’s)
  • Fentanyl
  • Building resilience in youth (towards substances/gangs, etc.)
  • How to talk to youth about drugs & alcohol Marijuana/THC
  • Overview Marijuana/THC & brain Nutrition
  • Making positive food choices Opioids Screen Addiction Tobacco Vaping
  • General Vaping/Marijuana (THC)

What We Offer

  • Private Live Webinar (Scheduled when your group can attend)
    • 45 to one-hour presentation on youth vaping, marijuana or alcohol prevention
    • Live chat room
    • Live polls for engagement
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Replay link sent to all registrants
  • Pre-recorded webinar/video
    • Embed link into your classroom
    • Send link to your group

Scheduled & On-Demand Webinars

TitleDateRegistration link
Vaping general OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 5/26/20)WATCH NOW!
AlcoholOn-Demand (recorded 5/28/20)WATCH NOW!
Addiction OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 6/2/20)WATCH NOW!
Vaping/Marijuana (THC)On-Demand (recorded 6/4/20)WATCH NOW!
How to talk to youth about drugs/alcoholOn-Demand (recorded 6/11/20)WATCH NOW!
Marijuana/THC-OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 6/16/20)WATCH NOW!
Vaping – General OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 6/18/20)WATCH NOW!
Marijuana/THC & The BrainOn-Demand (recorded 6/23/20)WATCH NOW!
Nutrition – Making positive food choicesOn-Demand (recorded 6/25/20)WATCH NOW!
OpioidsOn-Demand (recorded 6/30/20)WATCH NOW!
Screen addictionOn-Demand (recorded 7/2/20)WATCH NOW!
Developing resilience in youth (towards substances/gangs, etc.)On-Demand (recorded 7/7/20)WATCH NOW!
TobaccoOn-Demand (recorded 7/9/20)WATCH NOW!