Young Adults Consistently Receive Pro-Cannabis Tweets

According to one new study, most of the youth in America are regularly exposed to pro-cannabis tweets. Researchers from the St. Louis Washington University School of Medicine discovered that a multitude of young adults follow Twitter accounts associated with pot.

For the study, the group assessed messages taken from one Twitter account named Weed Tweets@stillblazintho from May 1st to Dec. 31st, 2013. Researchers picked this account on Twitter over others because it contains the most followers at about 1 million. Researchers totaled an average of eleven pot tweets a day within the study’s 8-month span of time.

There were a count of 2,285 tweets. Eighty-two percent of tweets were thought to be pro-marijuana and eighteen percent were neutral or unrelated to pot. There were 0.3% of tweets which were negative. Researchers discovered that lots of the tweets were funny. Additional tweets hinted that cannabis might assist people in relaxing.

You can read more on the study here:–+ScienceDaily%29