Teenage Use of E-Cigs on the Rise

According to the government’s yearly drug use survey, e-cigs have surpassed regular smoking in popularity amongst teenagers. Even as smoking tobacco by teenagers dropped to new lows, e-cig use reached levels which shocked scientists. The discoveries marked the survey’s initial attempt at measuring the use of electronic cigarettes by individuals that young.

Almost 9% of 8th-graders said they had utilized an e-cig in the prior month, whereas only 4% reported smoking a regular cigarette, stated a recent report by the National Institutes of Health.

Usage rose with age: Some 16% of tenth-graders had attempted an e-cig in the last month, and 17% of high school seniors. Traditional smoking continuously inched down, to 7% of tenth-graders and 14% of twelfth-graders.

According to Lloyd Johnston, leader of the yearly Monitoring the Future survey of over 41,000 students, he worries that the explosive progress that they have made over the past 20 years in smoking might be reversed on us by the presentation of electronic cigarettes.

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