Synthetic Marijuana Also Known As Spice

Spice includes a mixture of herbs (a shredded plant material), as well as manmade chemicals that have mind-altering effects. Oftentimes, it’s referred to as ‘synthetic marijuana’ due to some of the chemicals inside it being similar to those in marijuana; yet its effects sometimes are extremely different from cannabis, and frequently a lot stronger. It most often is titled ‘Not for Human Consumption,’ as well as is disguised as incense.

Due to the chemicals utilized in Spice having a great potential for misuse and no clinical benefit, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has made most of the active chemicals more frequently discovered in Spice illegal. But, the individuals who ake the products attempt to avoid those laws by utilizing a variety of chemicals in their mixes.

Sellers of Spice attempt to lead individuals in believing they’re ‘natural’ and thereby harmless; however, they are neither.