Above the Cloud

With the recent influx of youth e-cigarette use, there is a lot of confusion amongst people about whether these products are safe, if they have less chemicals than traditional and whether they are addictive. Above the Cloud covers all these misconceptions and more as we dive deep into not only why nicotine itself is incredibly addictive, but why and how the tobacco industry keeps growing their market. As deceptive as the tobacco industry is, we cut through the confusion to show the facts and solutions in a positive and easy to understand way.


  • Nicotine
    • Poison
    • Can also be found in bug spray
    • Kills by separating connections between body parts
    • How does a poison cause an addiction?
  • Addiction
    • Go / Stop button (Quick reactions and motivations)
    • Nicotine makes it easy to start, hard to stop
  • Tobacco Industry
    • 98% of “nicotine-free” vapes still contain nicotine
    • Vape companies don’t have to disclose what is in their products
    • Why the tobacco industry markets to teens/youth
  • Personal Impact
    • Why vapes are just as bad for lungs as cigarettes
    • How to tell if an addiction is present
    • Where to get more information


  • Describe the mechanism by which nicotine is poisonous and identify how the poison becomes addictive
  • Recall the reason the tobacco industry can mislead customers regarding the true percentage of nicotine in their products
  • Create a plan for living a tobacco/vape-free life