See the Burn

Young people have heard repeatedly that cigarettes and tobacco are “bad.” However, for many young people the question remains, “why?” This presentation goes in depth at answering that question. Years spent researching peer-reviewed studies and journals have built up to this easy-to-understand breakdown of what is in tobacco products, how do those chemicals affect your body, and how can using tobacco products affect your life both physically and emotionally. Young people will walk away with an understanding of why they should stay tobacco-free and have a plan for how to do it.


  • Nicotine
    • Bug Spray
    • Why is nicotine poisonous
    • How does a poison cause an addiction
    • Go/Stop button
  • Tar
    • Same as what makes up the road
    • Why do they put tar inside cigarettes
    • What does tar do in your lungs
  • Carbon Monoxide
    • Same as car exhaust
  • How many people die from tobacco products
    • The tobacco industry needs new customers
  • How to identify an addiction
  • 3 ways to stay drug-free
    • Know what you know
    • Know why you know it
    • Surround yourself with drug-free people


  • Identify three main ingredients in cigarettes
  • Understand why nicotine is poisonous and addictive
  • Create a plan to stay drug-free