Narcodemic – All pain, no gain

In our society today, there is unfortunately a massive opioid epidemic. This webinar examines why opioids are so addictive and the barriers to quitting. After viewing this easy-to-understand presentation, young people will understand why our brains are primmed for addiction, how addictions happen so quickly, and how to protect yourself in these situations. “Chasing the dragon,” or continuing to use opioids to recreate that “first-time” feeling is explained in a non-judgmental and incredibly simple way that will leave viewers with a more comprehensive understanding of the brain on opioids and fentanyl.

Fentanyl is everywhere in the news as a dangerous substance, especially for youth. But what is it, why is it so dangerous, and what can parents, educators and youth do to prevent its dangerous consequences? This workshop will help you learn all this and more.

Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid drug that is used in medical settings for pain management. It is like other opioids like morphine and heroin, but much stronger. Fentanyl can be dangerous when not used correctly and can be very addictive.


  • The human brain
    • Hates pain
    • Loves rewards
  • Reward system
    • Everything you do requires a reward
    • Survival
  • Opioids hack and hijack the reward system
  • Chasing the dragon
    • What happens the first time someone uses an opioid
    • Why drugs like opioids become less pleasurable over time
  • Why addiction happens so quickly for young people
  • How to identify an addiction
  • How to help someone you know with an addiction
  • Where to get more information


  • Describe “Chasing the Dragon”
  • Examine why our brains love opioids
  • Create a plan to stay drug-free