High Price – Marijuana and The Youth Brain

“High Price – Marijuana and The Youth Brain” examines the physical, mental, and emotional impact of youth use of marijuana on developing brains. This engaging and interactive workshop explores the direct effect of marijuana on the adolescent brain, the causes of addiction, and why it is especially detrimental for youth.


  • Marijuana has been on earth 1.5 million years
  • Nearly every culture has used marijuana
  • Marijuana is different from other plants
    • Marijuana protects itself
    • Marijuana communicates with other marijuana plants
  • 488 different chemicals
    • 66 go straight to the brain (cannabinoids)
  • THC
    • Marijuana uses THC as a natural pesticide
  • Brain
    • I over E
    • Boredom / Why marijuana is addictive
    • Doors / why memory gets messed up
  • How to tell if an addiction is present to marijuana
  • How to get help
  • How to get more information


  • Understand the difference between marijuana and other plants (i.e., lettuce)
  • Examine the differences between a 4 year-old’s brain compared to a teenager’s brain and synthesize the mechanism by which marijuana affects this process
  • Structure an analysis for the process by which marijuana forms an addiction

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