3 P’s of Alcohol

Through easy-to-understand facts about alcohol, such as the amount of time it takes for alcohol to go from the mouth to the brain, this workshop takes viewers through a journey through the adolescent brain. Why alcohol makes people act differently, stumble around, and struggle to make decisions, are all topics that will be clearly grasped and replicable as simple concepts. Viewers will also know what actions to take if they are in a situation where someone has been rendered unconscious from alcohol. Finally, this workshop will allow viewers to create personal reasons for living an alcohol-free life.


  • 30 seconds to reach the brain
  • Brain thinks alcohol is a poison – needs to get it out
  • Pee
    • Why people get hangovers
  • Puke
    • Brain can’t process all the alcohol
  • Pass Out
    • Brain trying to save life
    • Different from falling asleep
  • The brain
    • For youth, brain isn’t fully developed / why that’s a good thing
    • Frontal lobe is last part to develop
    • Predicting the future
    • Inhibitions
    • First indication someone is getting intoxicated
    • Muscle control
    • Brain needs to stop alcohol from coming in
  • Personal impact
    • What to do if someone passes out
    • Why teens become addicted to alcohol so quickly
    • How to tell if an addiction is present
    • Where to get more information


  • Assess the negative consequences that alcohol-use creates for young people
  • Reproduce and recite pneumonic devices used to share and relay information to others
  • Extrapolate information learned to compose personal reasons for abstaining from alcohol