“ContraADDICTION” examines the physical, mental, and emotional impact of youth addiction. Our brains are primed for addiction. Knowing the causes, signs, and mechanisms of addiction clarifies the confusion many people have about this topic. In the early 2000’s, Ray effectively integrated years of education and examining peer-reviewed studies into creating a successful prevention and secondary prevention program for youth. Some of the most important takeaways from this highly successful program are presented in this session for the attendees to implement in their own programs and lives.

This session is presented in an engaging and entertaining way that will leave participants informed and encouraged to make a positive impact in young people’s lives. Participants will discover a better understanding as to the reasons behind substance use and how to effectively connect with young people in such a way as to prevent substance use, providing a better chance for youth to reach their full potential.


  • Examine the physical, mental, and emotional effects of youth addiction
  • Identify the allure of danger to youth and its relationship to addiction
  • Describe how to speak the same language as youth
  • Identify the signs of an addiction
  • Identify how to effectively integrate addiction knowledge personally or in a prevention program


  • Understanding the relationship of human brain development and addiction
    • Physical development
    • Understanding the “Reward” button
    • The allure of danger to youth and its relationship to addiction
  • Why addiction happens so quickly for young people
  • How to speak the same language as youth
  • How do you know if someone has an addiction
  • How to get help / more resources
  • Incorporating addiction information personally or in prevention programs