Road Trip to Napa for Over a Dozen Talks

I’ve loaded my iPhone with two good books and about 23 TED Talks and I am ready for the road. I am driving up to Napa from San Bernardino to speak at 10 different schools and a few parent nights. 

My Car rental has the satellite radio package just in case my personal entertainment doesn’t work out. That kept me entertained last week for a 3 days in Denver. There are some great stations, and I love the variety. 

Here are some other things I’m planning on doing:
Line up animal cookies on the dash / heater vents (non-frosted) and make up stories that rhyme with signs / cars / trucks I see. I eat ONE, if I can get through the story with out losing my thought.

Eat M&M’s by finding mile markers with same number or divisible by the number of letters in the color. There are various ways to play this game, the best on your diet is to reach in the bag and get one who’s color matches the mile marker, Then do the math, otherwise, wrong color = you wait  and draw again till you score.

I will also try to see how many miles I can make a jolly rancher candy last. I once was able to have a watermelon Jolly Rancher last 22 miles. 
Ray Lozano - Trip To NapaThe challenge is going to be right after the grape vine on the top side of LA. I am going to have to deal with truckers and farm equipment rather than soccer moms, school kids and people meandering. PLUS it makes my games more challenging.

My rental car gets 40 mpg and has a 15 gal tank, so I don’t stop much. (every 600 miles or so). I am also a professional speaker not a driver, so got I imagine there will be a lot of talking out load. 

One of the other big things I will do to eat up time is make a ton of phone calls. I already have them lined up. They start at 9:00 and go till 1:30 and I have given each one about 30 minutes each.