RAY Teams Up With YouTube Stars SMOSH!!!

ELKS Drug Awareness Program and the DEA partnered up with Ray and SMOSH, for a powerful & emotionally driven campaign to bring awareness to the affects of drugs and what they will take away from youth. The video, Facing Addiction, stars the SMOSH team and Ray!

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The Elks DAP & DEA worked with Ray Lozano and SMOSH to create this very important video! Please visit http://bit.ly/ElksKidZone & http://bit.ly/JustThinkTwice_ for more info. A Single Moment Matters!

Red Ribbon week is Oct. 23rd-31st!
Find out more ►► http://justthinktwice.com

Thank you to the Elk’s Nation Drug Awareness Program and SMOSH for an unforgettable experience!

SMOSH’s YouTube Video  |  SMOSH’s Instagram