Ray's style is one-of-a-kind. As a seasoned speaker and former stand-up comedian, he combines education, information, and humor to ensure that his presentations are both entertaining and enlightening. Ray knows how to engage with the audience, making potentially boring information interesting and fun. Audiences absolutely love his ability to deliver crucial information in a way that sticks. On this page, you’ll find downloadable files that can be used for press/media or to promote us coming to your event. Let us know if you need anything additional. Email Admin@RayLozano.com for more information.

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Ray Lozano -Anchorage

”I really didn’t think any speaker would be able to hold our students’ attention for 20 minutes, much less an hour...and about drugs! Amazingly, Ray was able to engage and entertain our kids while still getting across some vital drug facts. The students haven’t stopped talking about it!” ~ Terry Webb, Principal