Drug & Substance

Many adults want to talk to adolescents about substance use but don’t know how to get started or how to engage their teens. Research shows the most important factor in adolescents not using is having adults talk to them about drugs and alcohol use. Participants in this workshop will learn positive conversation starters, drug and alcohol information, as well as an introduction to the 40 Developmental Assets® needed to equip young people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you are a parent, teacher, school administrator, school resource officer, youth worker or concerned adult, this workshop provides important tools to start a dialogue and keep the communication door open.

This informative and entertaining training includes:

  • Adolescent Brain Development
  • Why and How Teens Think Differently from Adults (and its impact on conversations)
  • Strategies for Productive Conversations (useful for substance use conversations and other difficult topics)
  • Introduction to the 40 Developmental Assets®
  • Question & Answer Time