Pregnant Women, Who Use Marijuana…

Pregnant women, who use marijuana, pose a great threat to their own and their unborn child’s health, because of the dangerously high potency of the drug in their system. 

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the marijuana used by the youth and the teenagers did not have a very high potency and THC. But, the THC level of the marijuana drug used by the young individuals, in this period, is very high in potency, which has severe detrimental effects on the health of the person.

Synthetic marijuana and fake weed mixtures, have very high THC, and are termed as synthetic cannabinoids. Some special forms of marijuana drug used these days have been estimated to sport around 500 to 600 times more potent drug THC, which is severely dangerous especially for embryonic development.

According to doctors and scientists, the detrimental effects of high potency marijuana start to take their toll on the unborn child of a woman, as early as two weeks after it is conceived, even before the woman is aware about the fact that she is pregnant! The alarming fact is that by the time the woman becomes aware of her pregnancy, and stops her consumption of the drug, enough damage would already have been caused to the child, which could seriously affect his health and well being.

The use of high potency marijuana drug by pregnant women has been calculated to result in many complications and various physical, behavioral and mental conditions in unborn children. Some of the most common health conditions and problems, caused in unborn children due to the use of high potency marijuana, are:

  • Neurobehavioral deficiencies
  • Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder
  • Memory impairment
  • Learning disabilities
  • Anencephalic infants
  • Neuropsychiatric conditions
  • Depressed or aggressive teenagers

According to a research, marijuana is the most widely used drug by pregnant women, with an estimated rate of 20%. The alarming usage rate of the drug has prompted the need to educate the young generation, of the apparently high dangerous consequences of marijuana, on the future generations, and the dire need to abstain from it.