Why People Are Still Buying Illegal Marijuana in Colorado

I just read an article from HighTimes.com; it seems that although weed is legal now in Colorado, people still want to buy from the black market and home-growers.

One reason being that it costs way less to buy from the black market. A typical price for a sale from a dispensary is around $400 an ounce. When people buy from the black market, it can cost anywhere between $60 and $250, this number depends greatly on the quality of the weed and where a person buys from, but either way, it’s still cheaper to buy from the black market.

Another reason that I found really interesting is that students who smoke weed do not want to be put on a list of people who buy weed from dispensaries. The students are afraid that they will have scholarships revoked or that they will be “black-listed” and schools won’t accept them and they will be prevented from pursuing higher education.  And that makes complete sense; no student wants to have to worry whether scholarship foundations will find out that they’re on the “list.”

Even though people want to buy from the black market, the profits from dispensaries is still making a huge impact in black market dealers, they say it’s almost better to be flipping burgers than selling weed.

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