Obama Takes On Heroin and Prescription Drugs Addiction in New Initiative

If you’ve been watching the news lately, America has a prescription opioid and heroin abuse problem. If you or someone you know is “on” OxyContin, Percocet, morphine and/or heroin, here’s some bad news: you could die.

Too many people are overdosing on prescription drugs as well as heroin, leading to one tragic death after another. President Obama is aware of this, such that he’s pushing for actions to be taken to prevent more people from developing drug habits and addictions. He’s also advocating for agencies to have the resources to give treatment to all those who want and need it.

In Obama’s 2017 budget proposal, there’s $1.1 billion marked for combating the country’s prescription opioid and heroin problem. In addition, the President’s proposals, if adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services, could aid more than 23 million people enrolled in Medicaid as well as “CHIP,” which covers children from working-poor families.

All too often, a person who is addicted to drugs wants to quit but cannot find immediate help. When that happens, they often die. The government and others are putting a lot of focus on this problem to correct it, such that help can and will be available to those who need it before it’s too late.