What About Low-Nicotine or No-Nicotine Vapes?

You’ve probably heard a million times that smoking isn’t good for you. Sadly, it’s still the top cause of preventable deaths and sickness in the United States, claiming over 480,000 lives every year. Luckily, fewer people are smoking these days, but vaping is still becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst our youth. One question we get very frequently is “what about vapes that don’t have nicotine?” It would seem to a lot of the youngsters we talk to that these alternatives would be safe, or at least better, but in fact that can often be just as bad, if not, worse.

This is why we travel and help students understand the confusing tactics of the tobacco industry, and why these products are intended to confuse them.

E-cigarettes work by delivering their effects through aerosol instead of smoke. Companies say they’re safer than cigarettes and can even help you quit smoking. While they do have fewer chemicals than regular cigarettes, here’s the catch: they still pack a punch of nicotine, sometimes even more than the old-school kind, along with chemicals and effects that can be equally harmful to your lungs.

Lots of folks, especially young ones, are getting into e-cigarettes thinking they’re harmless. In 2023, about 4.6% of middle schoolers and 10% of high schoolers in the U.S. had used one in the past month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Inter Scientific, a company specializing in product analysis to ensure regulatory compliance, shared data with The Guardian revealing concerning trends in the sale of vape products across England and Wales. Their examination of numerous vape brands sold in retail outlets uncovered unlawful practices.

Out of 52 products tested in England, 73% exceeded the legal e-cigarette tank capacity of 2ml, with over 40% containing 5ml or more of liquid. Furthermore, the analysis detected deceptive labeling, with eight devices claiming to be nicotine-free found to contain significant amounts of nicotine, some nearly reaching 20mg/ml, surpassing the UK’s legal limit.

In one instance, nicotine levels exceeded the legal limit by over 50%. These findings highlight the prevalence of non-compliant vape products in the market and underscore the need for stricter enforcement of regulations to protect consumers.

One of our passions is helping youth understand the tactics of these companies, and how it is important to be able to think critically and make a decision that is right for their lives without being influenced by big corporations or misleading information. We deliver easy to understand information with no judgment, to empower students to live their fullest lives. For more information on bringing us to your town or school, contact us on our contact page.

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