Marijuana Use by High School Seniors Expected to Increase with Legalization

There was a recent article in; that caught my attention. The article showed that a large number of “non-risk” kids are becoming more “at-risk” as weed becomes more and more legal. A non-risk kid is someone who typically has some sort of religious background, someone whose friends disapprove of weed-use and other similar behaviors or someone who doesn’t already smoke cigarettes. Out of non-risk high school seniors, about ten percent is predicted to become at-risk if weed is legalized. What I find interesting is that most people who wouldn’t have ever tried marijuana before, if it was illegal, are wanting to start now that it is legal. This shows that high school kids were only avoiding marijuana because it was illegal, not because it’s bad for you or “wrong.” In my opinion, this shows that we need more communication about the facts of marijuana. These high school kids need to know the effects of it, not just what’s happen if you have it in a place where it is still illegal.