Marijuana and Alcohol Interactions

You may not think it is a huge deal to have an alcoholic beverage alongside your prescription medicine, but it is. You may even consume alcohol for a better high as you use illicit drugs. Alcohol may be very harmful as you consume it with many types of drugs, which include both illegal and prescription drugs.

As a matter of fact, alcohol is particularly harmful as you consume it with an additional depressant. Santa Clara University Wellness Center will explain that two drugs which do the exact same thing to the body may have more extreme effects as they are consumed with one another.
The report from 2005 by the Drug Abuse Warning Network discovered that of visitations to the ER from drug use, around 1/3 of them were from consuming alcohol or combining alcohol with additional kinds of drugs. Those visitations oftentimes included combining alcohol with marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

Mixing Heroin and Alcohol

Heroin and alcohol trigger similar effects within the body because they’re both depressants. Heroin and alcohol separately may produce breathing issues; therefore, as consumed together, the effect may be more severe. Consuming alcohol also can impair a user’s judgment, causing them to use more heroin than they usually do, potentially leading to an overdose.

Alcohol with Marijuana

Cannabis might keep you from throwing up or feeling nauseous; therefore, it might possibly keep you from vomiting alcohol if the body needs to. It may make the additional alcohol remain in the body and might lead to alcohol poisoning.

The combination of those two drugs may cause numerous effects on your body. They involve:

·        Trouble using your body

·        Throwing up

·        Trouble concentrating

·        Paranoia

·        Feeling as if you are spinning

This isn’t a conclusive list of all of the drugs which may interact with alcohol badly. Be certain you understand the possible consequences prior to consuming alcohol when using any type of drug, whether it is an illegal street drug or a prescription drug.