High School Students and Vaporizing

Ever since the e-cigarettes hit the market the number of users drastically went up.

As a quick reminder, the most-commonly mentioned health advantages of e-cigarettes as opposed to regular ones, are as follows:

  • No carcinogens due to combustion
  • Being able to control the substance intake
  • No smoke smell

Because of their widespread use and availability the rise in use of e-cigarettes was especially noticeable among high-school and middle-school students. In fact, according to the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) the use of e-cigarettes tripled in just one year. In addition to that, in a study of Connecticut teens in 2014, more than 3800 Connecticut high-school students took part in an anonymous survey evaluating e-cigarette and cannabis use.

As it turned out, nearly a fifth of high-school e-cigarette users are also using e-cigs to vaporize cannabis. The number of students using e-cigarettes for cannabis use was high, and the findings raise concerns about the safety and regulations regarding the e-cigarette use.

Unlike the regular cigarette, e-cigarette vaporizes the substance instead of burning it, which is usually considered safer because of the dangerous carcinogens released during combustion. So this way users can inhale the active ingredient of cannabis (THC) much like they would inhale nicotine. While this may be a safe bet, it is still just a speculation, as no previous research has been done as to how safe it is to vaporize cannabis using e-cigarettes.

On top of that, it doesn’t change the fact that the use of cannabis is still illegal and potentially harmful even with e-cigs.