Heroin – It Feels So GOOD!

Heroin will bind to and activate certain brain receptors referred to as MORs (mu-opioid receptors). The human body contains naturally occurring chemicals named neurotransmitters which bind to the receptors all throughout the body and brain in order to regulate hormone release, pain, as well as feelings of well-being. 

As mu-opioid receptors are activated inside the brain’s reward center, they will stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, and lead to a pleasurable sensation. This is why if feels so great. It is like riding a roller coaster, eating an In-n-Out burger while somebody else pays all of your bills. But…like everything…the rollercoaster must come to a screeching halt.

Heroin use no longer will predominate only in urban regions. Several rural and suburban neighborhoods close to St. Louis and Chicago report higher quantities of heroin seized by law enforcement, as well as rising figures of overdose fatalities, thanks to heroin use. Also, heroin use is increasing in a multitude of urban regions amongst youth aged 18 to 25. Those within this age group who are seeking treatment for heroin use rose from 11% of total admissions within 2008 to 26% within the first part of 2012.