Happy New Year, Thank YOU, and…Here’s My TEDx Talk!

In Malcom Gladwell’s book called “Outliers” he says, “Our culture teaches us that success is the product of one thing: hard work. All you have to do is pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you’ll find success.” He goes on to say how untrue that is. It takes many things to make a person successful. This is why I must say “THANK YOU!” It is because of you, I was able to feed this internal hunger to speak to students, adults, law enforcement, medical professionals and teachers regarding drug information. So again I have to say, “THANK YOU!”

This past year I was able to present 341 times, which is an increase from 2016. I went to 20 different States and spoke to 85,341 students. I received countless email saying a lot of the same wonderful things, “Your presentation style and information has really changed my life.” “Thank you for coming to our school, the students are still talking about it.” “I sure hope you go into comedy, you would be great at it.” All of this means so much to me and lets me know that I am on the right path.

One of the highlights for me was my TEDx talk. I waited until I really found my voice and to add up the accumulation of questions and boil them down into my presentation. The biggest question I get from adults is, “How do I reconnect and have a conversation with my child about…?” Kids speak a different language than adults do and this shows you how to do that.

Now on to 2018; I am updating all my information. I am intently focusing on information regarding opioids and the problem youth are facing with that issue. I am starting to bring on other speakers on different topics that I do not cover because you/groups want the say style and quality that I deliver. (So excited…my daughter is coming aboard.)

So I guess I should already be thanking you for 2018, and I look forward to seeing you again!