University Of Idaho, “High Expectations of Marijuana,” “Removing the Smokescreen” and “Drug Talk 101”

November 2, 2016 Lewiston and Moscow, ID

Today I will be interviewed by Hometown Radio 1350 AM with a listener call in question and answer session.Tonight I will be presenting for one 60 minute parent training. We will discuss “Drug Talk 101” which includes how to talk to your kids about drugs but don’t know what to say? Learn positive conversation starters, drug information, along with some developmental assets that need to be instilled in all kids to help them be better equipped to make healthy lifestyle choices. This workshop is based on the word PARENT and is open to the public and is designed for parents, counselors, church members, family members and whomever feels needs help.

Thank you for having us!
HomeTown Radio 1350 AM, Moscow High School
Lewiston and Moscow, ID