University Of Idaho, “High Expectations of Marijuana” and “Removing the Smokescreen”

November 1, 2016 Troy, ID and Moscow ID

This morning I will be presenting for one 60 minute presentation to students at Troy High school. We will discuss the dangers associated with vaping, tobacco and marijuana use and the impacts it has on our bodies and minds. My presentations will include the “High Expectations of Marijuana” and “Removing the Smokescreen.” I will bring my humor and knowledge to the stage in the hopes of educating these students on these issues so that they may carry the message with them to their peers. This afternoon I will be interviewed by KLEW TV, MY Radio 102.5 and Bull Country 99.5 for three 45 minute interviews in which we will discuss the harmful effects of vaping, tobacco and marijuana for our listeners. I look forward to a great day!

Thank you for having us!
Troy High School, KLEW TV, MyRadio 102.5, Bull Country 99.5
Troy, ID and Moscow ID