This keeps me going!

November 2, 2023 Bentonville, Arkansas

Getting a thank you and a comment saying you did a good job is like hitting the presentation jackpot. It’s like telling the world, “Hey, I’m here, and I matter!” So why does it feel so fantastic?

First off, it’s like a shot of pure joy straight into your funny bone. Picture this: You just delivered a drug prevention presentation (like a stand-up routine) and the students erupt with laughter. It’s like a chorus of applause that makes your heart dance the cha-cha. When someone gives you a thank you and a “good job” comment, it’s the same thing but in text form. You can practically hear the virtual audience laughing and clapping for you.

But it’s not just about feeding your ego; it’s about forming connections. When someone appreciates your work, they’re saying, “I see you, I appreciate what you’re doing, and it matters.” And that’s heartwarming. It’s like sharing a great joke with your friends – that sense of togetherness and shared joy is pretty darn sweet.

And let’s not forget the motivation factor. When you get that thank you and a compliment, it’s like a turbo boost for your drive. It’s a bit like your favorite band releasing a new song. You know they’ve been working hard, and when they drop that banger, you can’t wait for more. It’s the same for your work. When someone thanks you and says you’re doing a good job, it’s like saying, “Keep it up; we can’t wait to hear more from you!”

Now, here’s where the humor comes in. Remember watching a comedy movie and bursting into laughter as the characters got into hilarious situations? Well, getting a thank you and a compliment is like the comedic twist in the story of your day. It can turn an ordinary, dull moment into something special and laugh-worthy. It’s like discovering an unexpected punchline in the middle of a serious conversation – it adds a touch of humor and a whole lot of joy.