Riverside County Youth Accountability Team (YAT), “Recovery Meeting” and “3 P’s of Alcohol”

July 26, 2018 Murrieta, CA

This afternoon we conducted a 90 minute Recovery speaker meeting with our Temecula and Murrieta, California Youth Accountability Team (YAT) students. We also discussed the “3 P’s of Alcohol” in which students will learn the danger associated with alcohol use. Students were to demonstrate the “fatal vision” goggles which simulates the feeling of intoxication and “walk the line” among their peers.We had a recovery speaker share their experiences and recount how alcohol has left a lasting imprint on their life. Many of these speakers have many years of sobriety and their experiences and stories will enlighten the students and will give them the tools and the knowledge if they or someone else they know has a problem with alcohol or other drugs and needs help.

Thanks for having us!
Murrieta Mesa High School
Murrieta, CA

Ray Lozano -Murietta