Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club, Laguna Beach Community Coalition

October 11, 2016 Laguna Beach, CA

This afternoon I will be presenting one 75 minute presentation to the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club students. My presentation will include the “High Expectations of Marijuana” and the 3 P’s of Alcohol” in which we will discuss the impacts and dangers associated with marijuana and alcohol use. Students will be able to ask questions about these issues and will learn many facts about marijuana and alcohol. Then this evening I will be presenting for a 2 hour presentation sponsored by the Laguna Beach Community Coalition for students and parents. We will discuss my favorite topics; marijuana and alcohol and the impacts it has on our bodies and minds. I look forward to a great afternoon and evening.

October 11, 2016
Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club, Suzi Q Senior Center
Laguna Beach, CA


Ray - Laguna Beach Ray - Laguna Beach