Elks Association Drug Awareness Program (DAP), ” Removing the Smokescreen”, ʺClearing the Airʺ and ʺHigh Expectations of Marijuana”

December 5, 2018 Okeechobee, FL

My second day of the Elks DAP Florida tour I presented four 45 minute presentations to students at Okeechobee Achievement Academy, North Elementary School and the Okeechobee Freshman Campus. We discussed “Removing the Smokescreen” and the “High Expectations of Marijuana” which focuses on the dangers associated with tobacco and marijuana use and the impacts it has on our bodies. We had a great day! This tour was sponsored by the Elks Association State Drug Awareness Program (DAP).

Thanks for having us!
Okeechobee Achievement Academy, North Elementary School, Okeechobee Freshman Campus
Okeechobee, FL