Elks Association Drug Awareness Program (DAP) – 3 Days – Nebraska

November 2, 2015

For the next three days, I will be conducting many trainings, and delivering information on Drugs, Alcohol, and other Substance abuse by youth. I will be in Iowa, thanks to the Elks Association Drug Awareness Program (DAP). I will continue my tour, and I will be speaking for two 60-minute presentations to middle school students and high school students on the dangers associated with alcohol, marijuana and tobacco and the impacts it has on the body. I will have students demonstrate the fatal vision glasses which simulates the feeling of intoxication and “walk the line” among their peers. Tonight I will be conducting a 60 minute parent training on the dangers associated with alcohol and marijuana open to parents, grandparents, relatives and teachers answering any questions they may have.This tour is sponsored by the Elks Association State Drug Awareness Program (DAP).


November 2, 2015
 • Beatrice High School
 • SCC Community College
 • Diller-Odell Public Schools
 • Washington Kansas High
Beatrice and Odell, NE


November 3, 2015
 • Bruning-Davenport High School
 • Fairbury High School
 • Fairbury Elks Lodge
Bruning and Fairbury, NE


November 4, 2015
 • Nebraska City Public School
 • Nebraska City Middle School
 • Lordes Central Catholic School
Nebraska City, NE

Total Attendance: 3263


RAY - Beatrice HS 11-2-15-1


RAY - Nebraska City HS 11-04-15-2