“3 P’s of Alcohol”, “High Expectations of Marijuana” and “Removing the Smokescreen” – Valdez, AK

April 2, 2015

Today I will be speaking to the students at Valdez High school for three 50 minute presentations on the dangers associated with alcohol, marijuana and tobacco and the impacts it has on the body. I will enlighten my audience with students demonstrating the “Fatal Vision” glasses which simulates the feeling of intoxication and I will then have them walk the line. I will present my facts on marijuana and have the students give me their reasons why they think marijuana is not harmful and then they will learn why marijuana is so harmful to our bodies and minds. 

This evening I will be speaking to the parents and community of Valdez for a 90 minute training on alcohol and marijuana use among our youth and communities.

April 2, 2015
Valdez High School
Valdez, AK

Ray Lozano - Dock Point 4_2_2015