Electronic Cigarette Makers Concentrate on Teenagers

According to a new report, the makers of electronic-cigarettes aggressively are promoting their products utilizing venues and techniques which appeal to teens. The report concludes that the United States government must act quickly to make new laws.

The offices of eleven Democratic House and Senate members issued this report on April 14th. In the report, the writers state the new laws ought to end the targeting of electronic cigarette ads targeting teenagers. Also, the report argues that there ought to be regulations banning the sale of these possibly addictive items to anybody under 18.

Electronic cigarettes were made as one method of helping smokers cease in using tobacco. However, more individuals — particularly teenagers— utilize these devices to look stylish and for fun. Researchers have started to be concerned that teenagers may face danger from the nicotine and additional substances in the products.

Nicotine is a natural chemical that is found in tobacco and additional plants. It’s responsible for the buzz that smokers attain from tobacco. Also, it’s the chemical which makes tobacco addictive. Doctors are concerned that teenagers practicing vaping — the word for electronic cigarette ‘smoking’ — might create a nicotine addiction. They also report nicotine to be toxic. Scientists have identified additional toxic ingredients, too, in some flavorings utilized in electronic cigarettes.

However, few researchers have taken a close look at how electronic cigarette businesses advertise their products. That is where this new congressional report will fit in. It reports the practices of 9 major businesses that make electronic cigarettes.

One report advises that the Food and Drug Administration move quickly to issue new regulations which would prevent teen use of vaping items. Because studies indicate nicotine may be particularly harmful to teens and children, the report asks vaping product makers to ban sales to those under 18, demand evidence of any purchaser’s age, and require face-to-face sales to adults. Lastly, the report advises that the Food and Drug Administration require uniform, strong labels on vaping products and e-cigarettes that warn of health risks which might be associated with them.