E-Cigs “Might Harm the Immune System and Lungs”

According to research in the U.S., e-cigs contain toxic chemicals and aren’t a safe alternative to using tobacco. Scientists, in experiments on mice, discovered that electronic cigarette vapor might harm the lungs, as well as make them more prone to infections of the respiratory system.

Also, one study discovered ‘free radical’ toxins like the ones found within cigarette smoke. E-cig vapor by itself produced mild effects upon the lungs, which includes protein damage and inflammation.

According to experts, more studies should be done on e-cig use by those who have COPD. Experts say quitting smoking includes the most effective method in which somebody suffering with COPD may slow the progression of the disease. As many as 25,000 individuals die of smoking-associated COPD in the United Kingdom every year; therefore, greater certainty is immediately required over whether e-cigs are safe for consumption by COPD users wanting to stop smoking.

Amongst the broader population, they know most smokers have discovered e-cigs a helpful aid to stopping. But, until such a time as more studies have confirmed the long-range health impact of vaping, they would not recommend the use of e-cigs by non-smokers.

(Read article here: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-31146418)