E-cigarettes Packed with Marijuana Oil Set to Hit in Colorado

I just saw a news article in the NY Daily News yesterday that stated “E-cigarettes packed with marijuana oil set to boom in Colorado.” They are going to be odorless, electronic cigarettes. The cigarettes will be discreet and offer different level of doses. One of the things that will happen with these E-cigarettes is they will be able to get around the limit on the amount of weed one person can buy in the state. While several states are putting the same regulations on E-cigarettes as regular cigarettes, Colorado is going in the opposite direction.

While marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, there are still a few restrictions. However, the new E-cigarettes packed with weed, and the marijuana enthusiasts buying the e-cigarettes, are finding ways around these rules and regulations. One of the rules that Colorado has set is the amount of weed a person can purchase at one time. A visitor to the state is only allowed to purchase a quarter ounce of pot. That’s roughly 28349.5 milligrams. The most common e-weed cartridge has 150 milligrams in it. Visitors can purchase 47 of them in a single purchase whereas residents may buy 188 of the 150 milligram cartridges.

Many of the people in the community who have tried e-weed say that it is much stronger than normal weed. They say that once they tried e-weed, the normal weed tasted awful and was disgusting to them. E-weed has a higher TCH level and holds a longer high; and with the amount that one person could buy at one time, even a visitor could purchase enough to remain high for months and months on end. The cartridges are strong and can last for roughly a week or so, but imagine with 188 cartridges! I feel like with the increase of weed that a person can buy legally, the level of work ethic with decrease. It’s no secret that weed makes a person sluggish, makes them feel “relaxed” and makes them not want to do anything except sit, stare, and eat. With the more common and acceptable weed becomes, the more acceptable and common it will be to not show up to work until noon, and to not care about anything.