Drunk or Drugged Driving – It’s the Same Thing!

What is the difference in drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs? Very little actually, while each inebriate affects the ability to drive differently, they all increase the risk of having an accident as well as taking a trip to jail.

Driving while under the influence of drugs, mainly marijuana has become more common in the last 10 years.  This is likely associated with the movement to decriminalize marijuana and the lack of a good sobriety test for the drug such as a Breathalyzer.  You might interpret the movement to decriminalize marijuana as an indicator that it is safer than previously thought, although that is not the case.  Nor does that thought imply your ability to drive while high is any less dangerous than drinking and driving.  Driving while under the influence of marijuana causes reaction times to decrease and often compels drivers to easily lose focus on the road.  It should be no surprise that as marijuana laws become more relaxed, car accidents due to driving under its influence will surely rise.

The fact of the matter is that driving after using marijuana is no safer than drunk driving.  Because the increase in driving while high appears to be directly correlated to the decriminalization of marijuana, law makers are sure to find a way to easily test any driver that is suspected of being under the influence of marijuana.