Cancer Causing Bacteria Found in Medical Marijuana

There was a very interesting article on that I read today. It talked about how many different bacteria are in marijuana, even medical marijuana. There are bacteria in medical marijuana that are known to cause cancer. Marijuana is one of the only medicinal drugs that isn’t tested or approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association). When AZ Med Testing’s facility tested medical marijuana for bacteria, they found seven different kinds, including E. coli, Aspergillus (one of the most deadly molds to humans), and Alternaria (a bacteria that can cause hay fever and asthma). 

They also found multiple types of pesticides. The kinds of pesticides they found can cause multiple types of cancer, Alzheimers, ADHD, and so many more awful things. Currently, there are no laws or any regulations that control the amount of pesticides put onto marijuana plants. Through AZ Med Testing’s tests on medical marijuana, they found four different types of pesticides. Some of these pesticides damage nerve endings in humans and animals, and most of them are not approved by the USDA. I found it so astonishing when I read about how many bacteria and pesticides are used in marijuana. When I read about what they found in the medical marijuana, I hate to think of what’s used in and on the street marijuana.