How Alcohol Affects Male Fertility

While most of alcohol’s effects upon reproduction are temporary, continually drinking alcohol over the government’s risk guidelines may cause severe infertility issues. The drinking you do within the late teenage years and early twenties may affect fertility later on in life. Therefore, if you are considering starting your own family it is time that you keep a close eye on what you are drinking.
Consuming between 1 and 5 alcoholic beverages per week may decrease your odds of conceiving. Heavier drinking (ten or more drinks) reduces the likelihood of conception even further.

Alcohol may decrease a male’s levels of testosterone, causing loss of libido. Also, it may damage the movement, structure and quality of sperm by stopping your liver from correctly metabolizing vitamin A—that’s required for the development of sperm.

Alcohol has a toxic effect on the testes. It may harm sperm as they are produced and stop them from properly developing or reaching an egg. The healthiest choice includes not drinking as you are attempting to conceive.

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