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Ray Lozano now has DVD’s available for schools, parents, and youth, who are looking for more information on Drug and Alcohol  usage. Then information is delivered in Ray’s signature fun and informative style, which is sure the entertain as much as inform.

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Marijuana Drying Up Small Tributaries
Marijuana Drying Up Small Tributaries

Growing cannabis would seem to be a good idea for Earth Day. It seems so natural and could possibly offer some recreational and medicinal benefits, and hefty tax revenues. But, the state of California is not feeling the love of Earth for the growers.

California, which kicked off the legalization movement increasingly is banning outdoor cultivation in various municipalities. As California legalized the growth of medicinal pot, most towns wanted to say no. Live Oak included the initial town to enforce a ban and the courts did support them. The Supreme Court in California decided against assessing the court decision which permitted Live Oak to ban growth for personal use. The decision gave additional towns the confidence to enforce bans. Read More…