Get Real (Tobacco-Specific Leadership Training)

With the sharp increase in tobacco use among middle school and high school students, now is the time to equip tobacco-free students in reducing that trend among their peers. GET REAL (Responsible Educated Adolescence Leaders) accomplishes this by delivering information in an impactful, relevant and hands-on method that engages students and fosters collaboration and creativity.

This workshop teaches young people current information on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs; addresses the impact of advertising on behavior, helps them develop their own conviction towards drugs and trains them how to conduct drug education presentations for their peers, elementary students and the community.

The training also focuses on developing leadership skills and peer support strategies. Once completed students will be strengthened to live a tobacco-free lifestyle with activities that can be instituted immediately.

This informative and entertaining training (adaptable for half or full-day) includes:

  • Interactive, Ice-Breaker Games
  • Tobacco Information (Addictive Nature, Marketing Strategies Used by Tobacco Manufacturers, Second-Hand Smoke, etc.)
  • Collaborative Group Work – Students Work in Groups to Develop a No-Tobacco-Use Lesson Plan to be Used as a Resource in their School.
  • Students Learn How to Present Information to Other Students (“Hook, Book, Look, Took”)
  • Students Work Collaboratively and Creatively in Teams
  • Students then Present Their Newly-Developed Training to the Larger Group
  • Teachers Can Utilize Student-Developed and Presented Lesson Plans to Train Peers.
  • Workbook for Students to Take Home
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test Available to Measure Student Learning Outcomes