Online presentations

We understand that due to the global pandemic speakers won’t be presenting in-person to youth or groups for the foreseeable future. That’s why our team has seamlessly adapted our top-notch presentations into engaging online webinars!

These presentations are delivered in the same engaging way that we’ve always presented in person. Students and adults alike come away with knowledge and engaged through the entire webinar.

Here are some of the benefits of our online presentation platform

  • Easy-to-navigate platform with no downloads necessary for your participants/students
  • Viewable on mobile phone, tablet, desktop/laptop
  • Accommodates up to 5,000 participants/students
  • Public and private chat opportunities
  • Interactive polls to keep audience engaged
  • Tracking analytics to know how long audience (i.e. students) participated
  • Customizable to your group
  • Replay link to watch after the presentation
  • Certificates of Completion upon request

If you have questions about the following, feel free to contact our office at or (909) 255-4314.

Webinar Topics

Addiction – General
Alcohol (3 P’s)
Building resilience in youth (towards substances/gangs, etc.)
How to talk to youth about drugs & alcohol
Marijuana/THC – Overview
Marijuana/THC & brain
Nutrition – Making positive food choices
Screen Addiction
Vaping – General
Vaping/Marijuana (THC)
  • Private Live Webinar (Scheduled when your group can attend)
    • 30 to 45-minute presentation on youth vaping, marijuana or alcohol prevention
    • Live chat room
    • Live polls for engagement
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Replay link sent to all registrants
  • Live Zoom call
    • 30 to 45-minute presentation on youth vaping, marijuana or alcohol prevention
    • Ray speaks on your scheduled Zoom call
    • Chat room (if allowed with your group)
  • In-person speaking engagement this fall
    • 30 to 45-minute presentation on youth vaping, marijuana or alcohol prevention
    • Receive a free webinar/Zoom call with your group NOW!
  • Public Live Webinar
    • Join one of our previously scheduled webinars open to public
    • Cost is on a per-person basis
  • Pre-recorded webinar/video
    • Embed link into your classroom
    • Send link to your group

Scheduled & On-Demand Webinars

($29.99/person/event – Unless otherwise noted)

Workshop TitleDateRegistration Link
Elks DAP Tour Webinar Orientation (Elks only-FREE)Wed. 7/29/20
1:00 (Central Time Zone)
Vaping – General OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 5/26/20)WATCH NOW!
AlcoholOn-Demand (recorded 5/28/20)WATCH NOW!
Addiction OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 6/2/20)WATCH NOW!
Vaping/Marijuana (THC)On-Demand (recorded 6/4/20)WATCH NOW!
How to talk to youth about drugs/alcoholOn-Demand (recorded 6/11/20)WATCH NOW!
Marijuana/THC-OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 6/16/20)WATCH NOW!
Vaping – General OverviewOn-Demand (recorded 6/18/20)WATCH NOW!
Marijuana/THC & The BrainOn-Demand (recorded 6/23/20)WATCH NOW!
Nutrition – Making positive food choicesOn-Demand (recorded 6/25/20)WATCH NOW!
OpioidsOn-Demand (recorded 6/30/20)Coming Soon!
Screen addictionOn-Demand (recorded 7/2/20)WATCH NOW!
Developing resilience in youth (towards substances/gangs, etc.)On-Demand (recorded 7/7/20)WATCH NOW!
TobaccoOn-Demand (recorded 7/9/20)Coming Soon!


Phone: (909) 255-4314