Ray Lozano - Hospital Workshop

Workshop – Hospital Visit

January 25, 2014

Upon completion of the hospital visit, participants will gain an increased understanding of how the use of alcohol and marijuana can have devastating and negative consequences for themselves and others. Learning will be evaluated with a pre- and post-lecture test.

Students will understand the complexities and difficulty associated with admission to the emergency medical system as it relates to alcohol and drug use.

Students will observe the direct effects of the injurious use of alcohol and drugs.

Students will have an opportunity to examine various medical tubes and devices used in the treatment of patients in the emergency room, specifically those instruments used in the intervention of alcohol and drug use.

Because youth are capable of learning in multiple ways, Prevention Plus offers activities for our Riverside Probation students that address the more deeply experiential aspects of life. The teens had access to the working part of a hospital. Prevention Plus is helping teens identify and develop their gifts, and work toward strengthening their passions. Often Teens are distracted from seeing their potential because of alcohol and marijuana. We are trying to open some doors personally and in the medical field in order to assists them in managing or eliminating distractions. In this way our students will come away with more adult coping skills and more successful social interaction with positive strong influences.

Ray Lozano - Hospital - Workshop

Ray Lozano - Hospital - Workshop