Elks Association Drug Awareness Program (DAP), ” 3 P’s of Alcohol”, ʺClearing the Airʺ and ʺHigh Expectations of Marijuana”

November 16, 2018 • Linton, Indiana

The last day of the Elks DAP Indiana tour I will be presenting for one 60 minute presentation to students from Linton Stockton Middle School. We will discuss the “High Expectations of Marijuana” one of my favorite subjects. I will bring my humor and knowledge to the stage in the hope that these students will carry the message to their peers. Then this evening I will be interviewed live by Wabash Valley News, local channel 2 station. This tour is sponsored by the Elks Association State Drug Awareness Program (DAP).

November 16, 2018
Linton Stockton Middle School, Wabash Valley News
Linton, Indiana