Elks Association Drug Awareness Program (DAP), ʺ3 P’s of Alcoholʺ, ʺHigh Expectations of Marijuana” and “Clearing the Air”

September 24, 2018 • Fremont, CA

Today starts the beginning of my 3 day Elks DAP Fremont, California tour. I will be presenting for three 45 minute presentations to students at Thornton Junior High School and Mission Valley Elementary School. We will discuss the dangers associated with alcohol, marijuana and tobacco-vaping use and the impacts it has on our bodies and minds. Students will be able to demonstrate the “fatal vision” goggles and walk the line among their peers. I will bring my humor and knowledge to the stage in the hope that these students will carry the message to their peers. Then this evening I will be conducting a 60 minute community training presentation were we will discuss addiction and how to talk to adolescents about substance use but don’t know how to get started. This training is designed for parents, counselors, teachers church members, family members, Elks members and whomever feels they need help.This tour is sponsored by the Elks Association State Drug Awareness Program (DAP).

September 24, 2018
Thornton Junior High School, Mission Valley Elementary School, Fremont Elks Lodge # 2121
Fremont, CA